So it began


I’d often thought about doing a blog but was worried, what would I write about? Why would people want to read any I write? Would I be capable of doing this? Well the only way to find out was to start one.

I have millions of thought in my head each day, not all exciting but I thought I’d share, there is bound to be someone out there as eccentric as me. I have to admit I will prob be one of these bloggers that write the biggest load of rubbish but it probably makes sense to me. I was always rubbish at keeping a diary but this might be different as my phone is never out of my hand.

Im going to give it a go and hopefully do ok, any fellow bloggers want to give me advice as I really am a total newbie


My Favourite Christmas Movies (part 1)

Ohhh its officially Christmas

I love television at this time of year, much to the annoyance of my son as movies 24 changes to Christmas 24. That’s our television stuck on that channel for the next few months. Although a big tradition of ours is getting the Christmas TV guide and high lighter pen out.

I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite holiday movies.

The first is a Hallmark film called ‘Boyfriend for Christmas’ 13 year old Holly asks Santa for a boyfriend. 20 years later the same Santa turns up and it may seem her wish is going to come true.

It has become my Christmas tradition to watch this on Christmas eve, once J is in bed and the presents are out I pour myself a glass of wine and some crackers and brie and then settle down to get lost in the fantasy that maybe Santa will finally get my message and sent me a boyfriend for Christmas and he will be standing at my front door on Christmas morning. Cheesy I know but we can dream.

My second favourite movie is the 1985 ‘Santa Claus the Movie’. Although some may say this movie is a bit dated I believe it’s a touching tale that goes from a very traditional setting showing how Santa was portrayed in the simplest form, to a more modern setting were Santa had to change with the times. Two different worlds but the message was always the same.

This movie always reminds me of my childhood and carries happy memories, I’m so delighted that J loves it as much as I do. Again this is one of our Christmas Eve traditions and it’s always watched before bed. There is something so magical about it and I love Sheena Easton’s ‘Christmas (all over the world).

Next I move on to ‘Miracle On 34th Street’, the 1994 version. Ok I know it’s your typical commercial Christmas movie but there is something about this movie that really strikes me. I am a big believer that if you personally believe in something no one can take that from you. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean you can’t picture it or strive towards it, something we all should think about. Besides the message it’s a wonderful heart-warming movie with everything you would expect from Christmas, romance, magic, and community spirt.

Elf, now who doesn’t love Elf? Buddy really captures the spirit of Christmas and is impossible to dislike. Nothing ever seems to get him down. He embraces every part of Christmas. J would tend to agree with Buddy that the 4 main food groups are Candy, Candy canes, Candy corn and Syrup. (Ok I will maybe allow him that one on Christmas morning). I am a big believer that music really helps the soul, the quote from the movie ‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear’ has really stuck with me. Yes you might feel daft at first doing it but when other join in there is an amazing atmosphere.

A few years ago we went to London when J got to ‘Make a wish’ we went to see Elf the musical and meet the cast. It was a surreal experience and the Christmas spirit was well and truly alive. Every time I watch Elf I think of the wonderful memories created in London.

Sometimes we need a bit of reality mixed with a bit of fun. With ‘Jack Frost’ you get just that. I have to say I bawled my eyes out at this but that’s not to say I had plenty of laughter to. A story about a loving father who couldn’t spend much time with his son then tragedy hits. The dad played by Michael Keaton comes back as a snowman and is able to really bond with his son. The end really did hit me when the snowman had to go. Maybe sometimes I look to deep into movies but is a gentle reminder that when we lose loved ones we can hold that on to everyday and forget to live our lives, by thinking of the good times, having a laugh we know they will always be in our hearts.

We all love the song ‘White Christmas’ but did you know that it was actually heard first in the movie ‘Holiday Inn’ (another of my favourites) and not actually the film ‘White Christmas as most people thought. White Christmas is a partial remake off Holiday in with the intention of reuniting Bing Crosby and Danny Kane.

I really love the old movies, the songs, the dancing the costumes (think I was born in the wrong era). White Christmas includes all this and the humour to this day is still enjoyable. Crosby and Kane made up a fabulous double act, something very hard to find nowadays. Again your feel good Christmas movie, If you haven’t watched it yet, why not?

I could name hundreds more Christmas movies that I love but for tonight I am going to leave you with these and head back to watch Christmas 24.

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Would love to hear what you think or what your favourite Christmas movie is. Leave me a comment and let me know.

Catch up with you all soon



Omagh Food Festival August 2018

It’s been a busy few months so I am only getting round to writing this now, you know how it is during the summer your lucky to even get five minutes.

Back in August I was delighted to be chosen to be one of ten bloggers invited to attend a tasting session at the Omagh food festival in Main Street. The Festival ran on Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of August.

Before the festival began myself and the other bloggers were invited upstairs in Rue. It was like walking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. We were spoilt for choice from savoury, sweet, bubbles, tea & coffee, cider, beer and much more. I felt like I was in heaven.

I love my food but I can be quite a plain eater, not a fan of sauces, spices etc. I was so surprised when I tried most things and actually liked them.

Rue had a fabulous selection of dishes and I was so proud of myself for trying them and really glad I did. The three dishes were pesto pasta, Thai prawn curry and Spanish style fish. This is me with Rue’s finest chef.

I really can’t say I had a favourite as everything was absolutely amazing but I was delighted to discover a few new places like Kennedy Bacon, I teamed this up with some delicious wheaten bread from Rue. I also had the most tasteful little slider ever from An Creggan which contained their special sauce. Well it must have been special as normally I’m a plain burger girl maybe at a push cheese. Well it was just amazing I can definitely see a wee trip up to An creggan very soon.

Sitting beside my plate was a selection of Jam from the Erne Larder preserves, now I have been a support of this company for a while but to be honest I’ve never ate jam and the thought of it didn’t appeal to me. The smell coming from the jars was so tempting and I decided to give in, I decided to go for the Irish Bacon Jam as I knew I loved bacon. Well all I can say is Declan from Erne Larder you have won me over, I’m now probably your biggest fan.

Some great news for Erne Larder is that the Irish Bacon Jam has been selected by Lidl as part of the kickstart programme to be stocked in all stores nationwide from Monday the 17th September for one week. We all need to get down to Lidl and get some so that Lidl can see we all want a bit of this yummy stuff and hopefully see there is the demand so that it can be stocked permanently.

It’s not to often I get out on a Saturday during the day was it was great to get relaxing and even better when you are handed a cider from Long Meadow Cider. Wow this mummy was having a drink during the day, so unheard of. It didn’t stop there next was a bottle of Black Sheep Stout from Baronscourt Brewing Co, now this I could get used to.

It was really great listening to Baronscourt Brewing Co tell us all about the different bears how they were made and what was used to flavour them.

Now you can’t eat all that yummy food and not have desert, although I think I was eating everything all at once definitely not in order.

There was cakes from Katie K’s cakes and bakes, melt in your mouth cheesecake from An Creggan and the chocolate fountain from Chocolate Fountain WPN and a fab selection of traybakes from the Mellon Country Inn. I probably ate a months syns in one sitting.

When we were finished we headed back down stairs. The aroma that hit me as the doors opened was absolutely amazing. The street was buzzing and the atmosphere was fantastic. I couldn’t believe that all this amazing food was local and just on our doorsteps, how lucky are we.

I headed straight to all Carro Della Pizza, how fab is this mobile wood fired pizza oven. Available for events, party’s and home visits. Can you just picture how amazing this would be sitting in the garden with friends having stone baked pizzas on hand.

BBC Celebrity chef Paula Mc Intrye was the to give a cooking demonstration and share with us her tips, wow that woman makes it look so easy.

As I wondered round all the stands I thought to myself I could stay here all day, and if I hadn’t plans on the Sunday I would have definitely been back. I’m so delighted that this is an annual event and really look forward to seeing what next year brings. I would definitely recommend that you keep your eye out for details of next years event and put it in your diary, you won’t be dissolved.

A massive thanks to the sponsors of the event for inviting me.

Below is of the fantastic vendors that I really recommend you try out, head over to my instagram to find them tagged in pictures

I would not be at these kind of events if i hadn’t the support of all these lovely ladies. Every one is so lovely and we all work with each other, we are not in a competition we are there to empower each other. Joining the blogger community has helped me to gain more confidence and I have met the most wonderful people who I am glad to call my friends.

Here is a few pics of us all hanging out at the food festival.

I hope you enjoyed this post I would love to hear what you think and let me know if you have been to anything similar and what you enjoyed.

Bye for now


Sara xx

Take 5

Some of you may know I’m struggling to lose weight and the summer so far has been a nightmare. You know them days when you have been away from the house most of the day, having fun, grabbing on the go. By the time I get home in the evening I haven’t the energy and I’m to cranky to start cooking.

I am currently doing a Slim for a Smile, I have decided that for me it’s not enough to set a goal to get into a nice dress etc, I wanted to make a difference to others as well.

By raising funds I will be able to help Bandanas For The Brave provide even more children and young people with a free Bandana. We all take our hair for granted but when someone going through treatment loses their hair it can be very traumatic on top of the side effects from treatment. By providing a bandanna it helps build confidence and helps to put a smile on their brave little faces.

This is not all Bandanas For the Brave do, they support family’s through their journey. As a family me and J have got so much support from them and have made friends for life. Bandanas teamed up with Irish Charity Aoibhean’s Pink tie, to give J his very own personalised wall mural by Vinyl Murals. It was amazing every Lego mini figure J loved was included.

Things have been going slow with the Silm for a Smile. When I received donations I was motivated and lost weight but when the support was quite I didn’t get anywhere. If you would like to support me and this amazing charity you can head over and donate on the just giving page. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

I recently decided to buy a countdown with slimming world, in the hope that it would give me some motivation. I’m of on holidays in just over a week and unfortunately I’m not the weight I would like to be. But hey ho I can’t do anything about that now. But what I can do is try my very best to eat well between now and then. At least I can enjoy my holiday without worrying that I would have twice the amount to lose when I got home.

When buying the countdown I received a fab slimming world cook book called ‘Take 5’ now this is definitely my type of cook book. Each recipe only requires 5 ingredients.

The first meal I made was ‘Cajun pork and apple burgers’.

(Photo Credit- Slimming World)

The recipe made 12 burgers which serves 4 and it worked out only 1/2 Syn per serving

Using only lean pork mince, 1 apple, spring onions, cajun seasoning and baby sweet corn. I had a satisfying meal. I added some Ainsley Harriot Cous cous (1/2 syn per 3rd pack)

Don’t think mine turned out to bad and I even have more in the freezer for next week.

My next dish was ‘Turkey jalfrezi’ not something I would normally go for but with only 5 ingredients I had to try it.

Photo Credit- Slimming World

Again the recipe served 4 so plenty of left overs.

The ingredients were a red onion, 3 peppers, curry powder, chopped tomatoes with garlic and lean turkey mince. This meal is Syn free and is good if your doing an SP day.

I wasn’t that fussed on it, but the next day it tasted delicious (why does the next day’s food always taste better, I know it’s to do with flavouring just wish it tasted like that the night of cooking). Mines really doesn’t look anything like slimming worlds version.

I was really looking forward to this next one. ‘Sticky pork stir-fry’ any food with the words sticky sounds good to me, gives me the impression I’m having junk food. My only problem was this recipe required a pork fillet, what the heck.. I’d never bought one of these is my life …. what was I meant to do with it lol.

Photo Credit- Slimming World

After all that was figured out all I needed was some mixed mushrooms, spring onions, veg stock and some teriyaki sauce. Recipe served 4 and each serving 1 Syn and again good for SP days.

I added noodles as I’m one of these people who always need that bit extra lol. Mine didn’t look as colourful but was absolutely delicious.

Last nights dinner was ‘beef and sweetcorn koftas.

Photo Credit- Slimming World

Using grated carrot, coriander, curry powder, can of sweetcorn with peppers and lean mince beef, these 5 ingredients made an incredible 24 koftas. By no means were they small. And excellent as they are syn free. I teamed mine up with cous cous. These went down very well with J.

Next on my list is going to be the ‘Popquorn’ how amazing do these look, can believe they are done with cornflakes.

Photo Credit- Slimming World

So there you have it ‘Take 5’

A perfect book for anyone who is always busy or hates making anything with loads of ingredients. Because each recipe only needs 5 items, many of them are stock, seasoning, garnish it works out really cheap to make. And if like me there are only 2 people in the house you have plenty of leftovers to freeze.

Have you tried any of the recipes from the Take 5 book, would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Sara xx

It’s me again

Wow it’s been a while folks, but I’m Back.

So much has happened since I last made a post on here.

I made a few post on here but felt I wasn’t really reaching out to people. I got a bit downhearted, and began to think maybe people didn’t like what I was posting. I also had the feeling that after studying for so many years, the countless assignments I had to write just drained me did I really want to commit myself to writing more.

I will be honest with you I did give up, I felt like a failure, felt my life was to boring to share with others.

Around March time of this year a really good friend suggested that I start an Insta blog. Again I had that feeling of why would anyone what to see what I put up. But then it hit me, I needed to do this for myself, build my confidence. If I enjoyed talking pictures why not share them with others. Let me just say I am in no way great at talking the perfect pic, but in reality I like them and it’s what I see.

So Slowly SingleSara became @Singlesara7

I would post things I like, events happening in town, new businesses opening, new clothes I got, basically anything I came across that I liked.

A passion for me is about supporting others, through Instagram I found so many fab people and businesses to support and in return I have had so much support of them. Some have even become really good friends.

Instagram is great I can take a picture and give a little blurb on what it’s about, but in some posts the struggle came when I need to add a few links or it was becoming more like an essay, hence then Singlesara7 also appeared on Facebook.

Wow I now had two places where people could come and see/ read about my everyday life. Never did I think I had the confidence to do even one. I now feel in a place where I can say I enjoy what I am doing, if someone doesn’t like me or if they unfollow that is totally ok, it simply means that it’s not me personally but that they maybe don’t have an interest in what I’m posting. I don’t take it to heart anymore.

Reading over other bloggers posts, made me realise I could do this. When you are a blogger you can tailor it to suit your own circumstances, this doesn’t mean as and when you felt bothered but with a certain level of commitment this is very do able. So I have made the decision that I will take at least twice a month to give you all a little update of what’s been happening.

You can still get your everyday updates over at

(Mostly everyday but summer times are me and my baby J making memories (by the way Baby J is now 16, how did that happen)

You can also catch me on Facebook

Keep an eye on both as I often run competitions, there is a surprise one running on Facebook at the minute.

I’m feeling positive and look forward to engaging with you all, feel free to leave comments, let me know what you think or even what you would like to see more of.

Catch up with you all soon

Love Sara 💖💖

How time flies

wow so it’s been 9 months since I posted, about time I give this another go. So much has happened in the last nine months where do I start. Well the new year brought new plans but like most people I still havnt followed through. But I’m being positive, never wait till the next year, tomorrow is a brand new day.

I posted back in November about a young girl in our school community who took her own life sadly we had another student who also took her own life. Our community was and still is just devasted. Remember it’s ok not to be ok, please reach out and talk to someone. We also lost an amazing young teacher who had a very short battle with cancer. All I can say is this man was a legend, his teaching style was amazing and knew every young persons individual way of learning.

On a personal note I finished my degree this year after 8 hard long years. I can now say I have a BA bin in youth work and I am classed as a JNC professional qualified youth worker. My goodness it wasn’t easy but I got there. I know look back and think WOW look what I’ve done (believe me I never realised when I was doing it) during my time doing my degree I also got a certificate in councilling, FD in events Management, cert in wedding and party planning. And my little muckinkin took very ill being diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. So I will now put my hands up and say ‘well done me’

A fab summer was had making memories with my munchkin and also he took his first ever drum exam during the hols and passed. I was so delighted for him.

So back now to the new school year and my little (well really he is taller than me) is staring to prepare for his GCSE’s might be hard work but I’m with him every step of the way. I believe in him so much and know that he will work hard to prove that Learning difficulties and autism will not stand in his way.

hope to be back now making this a regular thing, covering the everyday life of a single mum, giving my thoughts and feelings. Maybe sharing my opinions of different products, who knows what may come.

hope you have all been keeping well



It’s ok to not be ok


Didn’t really want to start my blog of like this but felt I had to share.

The Omagh Community are again thrown in grief. I was devastated to hear about the untimely passing of 18 year old Clare MC Sorley.

Clare was a former pupil at Drumragh Integrated College and was also very dedicated to Gaelic football.

I feel that sadly NI lack a lot of mental health resources, like most things we have to educate ourselves. We don’t always know what is going on in someone’s head but I feel the more awareness there is we can support the people who needs us. This sadly is becoming more increased in young people and we need to help them to understand that it IS ok not to be ok.

Spent more time with the people we love, chat and Listen, just be there for them that could be the reason that saves their life.

Drumragh Integrated College Principal Mr Frith offered his condolences on behalf of himself and the school.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Clare’s family during this tragic time. She was a sensitive, generous and popular student, and will be greatly missed. Our students are being supported as they grieve, and the school community is proving itself to be the close family that we know it to be.”

Mr N Frith

Its ok to not be ok, tell someone you’re not ok.
Everyone says: “If you need anything, don’t hesitate, I’ll be there for you ”


from my heart I offer thoughts and prayers and most sincere condolences to jackie, Tommy, Ellen, Orla and my Good friends Sarah and Anne  and friends of Clare McSorley.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


I just love Christmas,from the music to food, the decorations and magic in the air. It really gives me a warm feeling.


We have so many Christmas traditions such as decorating the tree while watching the RTE’s Late Late Toy Show and drinking hot chocolate. But Christmas truly begins for us when we see The Coke Cola ad, I get that fuzzy feeling as soon as I hear ‘Holidays are coming’ I’m going to try a new tradition this year with Elf on the shelf. I have a feeling I’m going to be very busy with this boy when he comes to visit. Would love to hear any ideas of what your elf’s have got up to. My favourite tradition is on Christmas Eve. We open up our Christmas Eve boxes (includes new Christmas Pj’s, Santa Claus the movie, Christmas muffins, hot chocolate and marshmallows and some popcorn). We watch our movie then it’s of to bed to read the night before Christmas. My Son then makes me sing the ‘Stay Awake’ song from Mary Poppins ( about 20 times) then it’s mummy time. A glass on wine and some cheese and crackers while watching ‘Boyfriend for Christmas’ I really do live in hope that this will happen to me.

I love giving presents and thinking of things to buy people, I’m quite quirky when it comes to getting things to suit their personality. I love seeing their faces when they open them.

I’ve decided to run a giveaway to celebrate me finally starting a blog. I’m giving you the chance to win a £10 Asda voucher to buy some treats for Christmas. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Belfast Christmas Market


So of I went to Belfast yesterday for a tutorial for my Ba honours in youth. I decided to call in and see what all the fuss was about at the Belfast Christmas Market.

The first mistake I made was going shopping before hand. I was like the bag lady, all you could see was plastic bags, not great when your trying to walk around a crowded area. Bags were swinging everywhere, one of my nail extensions came flying off and someone walked by and got caught in my bags. Well after getting over this ordeal I had a look around, there was some beautiful stalls but some were a bit pricey. The amount of food and drink stalls were brill and I really liked the look of the toasted marshmallows (the que was quite long so I decided against that). There was quite a few sweet stalls and managed to pick up a chocolate Christmas tree lolly for my son but at £3a lolly I think it was just the novelty of bringing him home something from the market. Time for Lunch and there was to much to choose from, I was eyeing up the paella looked and smelt amazing but again the que and me with my 50 million bags said no. I settled on a German Smoked sausage  in a fresh crusty roll at £5. At 1st I thought £5 massive rip off but when it arrived over I could see why, my next thought was ‘how the heck do I eat this’. Finding somewhere to sit was a bit of a nightmare but I eventually spotted a bench, I felt like the bird lady from Mary Poppins as the pigeons were nearly in my lap.

The Market really was beautiful and the atmosphere was great but I always dreamed that I would be walking round somewhere like this hand in hand with my prince charming. I really wouldn’t recommend going to it alone. I felt a bit isolated when I heard couples or friends taking about the different food, enjoying a drink together having the craic.

Maybe someday If my letter ever reaches Santa and I get my Boyfriend for Christmas, lets see what next Christmas brings.